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improve item categories GMROI performance using our AI

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Benefits Achieved






Seasonal Demand Forecasting

Supply Chain Inventory Optimization

Category and Item Allocation Plan

Optimum Supply Forecasting

Multi Hierarchy Pricing

Price and Promotion Optimization

Price Rules Automation


Market Basket Analysis

 Product Assortment

Vendor Organization
Multi Hierarchy Costs

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Success Stories

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Antonio Jimenez, Director

Inventory turnover speed improved from 10 to 18 times a year. Distribution Center service level to stores improved to 97% from previous 80% in units shipped.​ Shrinkage was reduced by 40% on production of meat and fresh items controlling production and recipes.

Roger Zapata, IT Director

The company’s inventory days was reduced 30% by about 10 days in our stores by using the daily inventory data on continuous inventory and real-time updating.  Calimax now uses automatic ordering, and that enables them to prevent inventory srink.​ With the data on seasonal sales and promotional pricing, Calimax has been able to forecast supply needs in order to prevent and minimize out of stocks.


Margins have increased by more than one percentage point with the appropriate use of business intelligence information for purchasing and operations, and analysis by category and item, which provides information about the price elasticity of each segment.​

Shrinkage was reduced by more than 50% by using the analysis by category and item, enabling them to take timely action in the stores and the distribution center, thereby improving controls for products subject to theft or expiration.


Santiago Gonzalez, Director

Intelligent Purchasing: … now the system replenishes the products to the shelf based on the best price. This benefit will allow us to improve our margin in one additional point.


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