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The Semantic Web 3.0

WoWW ... the newer Web 3.0 understands me! Yes, because it's now Semantic. It now, like you and me, understands the meaning of things. Last time I Googled to find out the toilet paper brands with the most out of stocks, Google tried to direct me to buy a brand of toilet paper, and showed me toilet paper stock investment options!!! just give it a try: I scrolled down many other answers, none answering my need. So I said, "hey Google, that's not what I asked, what are you thinking?" I almost heard Google admit: "well, actually I'm not thinking...... I don't even know what toilet paper or out of stocks are, you smart a**!" When I needed toilet paper, Google finds it and shows Amazon, I see toilet paper pictures, it's price, that it's soft and resistant, but your web browser sees just an image, a number and lots of words instead. Yes, that's why Google didn't understand me: doesn't understand meaning! The Semantic Web does. The secret sauce: the Ontology. Yes it's the "o" in the WoWW!!! something like this?

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