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Innovation vs value creation?

Many people love Apple because they are innovators. I don't. I actually consider myself allergic to Apple-like products. Here is why: Many years ago, Apple was a true innovate company, right when the iPod and then iPhone and iPad first came to market. Users loved the omni presence of their iTunes music across all Apple products without having to carry a Walkman (remember that one? ;) ). So, back then, they created true great value, and so, they captured a really profitable high-end high-quality loving market. Oh, high spending too, sorry to forget about that! Today it's a different story. Other products are more innovative, including folding, modular phones and tablets. iPhone was one of the lagging devices to support multi tasking or widgets. It didn't matter, by that time Apple maintained their highly profitable customer base because branding and status, not high value anymore. Since then, Apple redefined innovation: they don't focus that much on creating value rather than making the previous Apple products obsolete, including unnecessarily expensive accessories changes. Innovation is now a way to force captured users to waste and buy new. The airpods contain metal inside, so they weight more to trick their users to think they are higher quality because they weight more. The fucus now it's not that much on value creation as before, it's now consumerism. Oh, and highly pollution creation waste into our world, by the way. So, when we think about innovating in our products and services, should we focus on obsolescence? or should we rather focus on adding more value, while reducing waste and pollution to our world? Also we as consumers can make the change: let's demand value creation, and let's avoid consumerism obsolescence "innovation", waste and pollution.

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